Art dump!

Since it's just about the end of the first quarter of 2019 (whoaaa), I figured I'd share my art from this year so far in a collected place here!

My art-doing for 2019 has been sorta wonky - I haven't been super consistent about what type of art I do and when, so to make things a little easier, I've sorted the smorgaboard so that the more complete pieces are close to the start. Abstract and doodle stuff is further down. (Also sorry for the atrocious filenames! :))

I also did some vent-ish art - letting out tough feelings, either lingering or in the moment, that is, and sticking them on a canvas in some kind of way that makes it easier to deal with or accept them. Accordingly, content warning for text related to that type of thing (mainly regarding maker's-block and uncomfortable memories), if you view this link. That said, there's none of that art on this current page, and I don't intend for there to ever be directly on the homepage or in the archive list!