Art dump December!!!!!!!!!!!!

December! And with December, the end of 2018. 2018's been a pretty huge year for me and art - I was given a tablet for Christmas last year, and it helped me get more invested in digital art than I was before. Since then, I've posted these art dumps once each month (save for Inktober, spread across three posts).

And now it's December! 12 months of art later! I know I'm going to keep drawing into 2019, of course, but I'm not sure how I'll post them to this blog - I'll probably go at the same monthly, but maybe not. We'll see! Anyway, here are the pieces I drew in December:

Oh yeah, I also made a huge montage of the art I've drawn over 2018. And I printed it and put it on my wall! It's pretty neat to have all my digital art in a physical form, even if they're super small crops of each picture. Here's the image file that I printed! (You can find most of the art all over my blog, although the grid is sorted alphabetically, not by date.)


Thanks for checking out my art, and happy new year! 🎉

(PS I totally figured out how to make my blog images huuuuuge, courtesy of this blog post. And I'm definitely going to make use of it! :D)

(PPS Sorry mobile phone data. :))