I Wrote a Thing

I wrote a thing. Just kidding! I wrote an idea for a thing. Eventually it'll hopefully turn into a real story, but I've got absolutely zero experience with writing stories, and even less dedicating to relatively big projects.

I'd like to do some concept art for the project. In my head I imagined it as a super fancy art project, but that's kind of a crazy idea, since the thing's so (relatively) big. So I'll most likely write it as a proper story first. Maybe I could try having pictures appear inside the page, so that there's still art to look at (in a printed version of it, anyways[*]), and I get to have somewhere to present the art (other than here).

(* I'm not making this a proper printed sold in stores thing, haha. It's just a thing that's stemmed from a school assignment. I'll probably print it for myself. That is, if I go anywhere with it.)