Old art dump

Ooh secret old art dump! Most of these are grabbed from an old mini-blog I had on the Wings of Fire wiki; a few are recovered from a backup of my old laptop. These are all really, really old - from 2015 and 2016 - so they don't really say anything about my current art, but I find them interesting to look at anyways. So for posterity and curiosity, here's a dump of old things I drew.


A couple collaborations with LittleLynx:


She drew the dragon, Clay; I added some things to the background and the sparkly effects.


Like with Clay, she drew Tsunami, and most of the background; I added sparklies.

Also some outtakes: a drawing of a scene that I didn't do too much with, some crazy ruler testing, and a picture of Sunny with a turtle she caught from the lake that I had trouble turning into an actual picture.