Domain transfer?!?! + Mastodon

Courtesy of super-awesome eq, my site is now hosted on instead of! Yay!!! SPARKLES EMOJI SPARKLES EMOJI SPARKLES EMOJI!

I'll eventually get around to updating all the links to, but I already have a redirection system in place to make the transition a lot smoother.

I've somehow managed to not get around to mentioning it on my blog, but.....

I've got a Mastodon account! It's is supre cool. (I did not make that typo on purpose.) I post my art there before I put it up here on my blog, for a few reasons:

The tl;dr is: If you follow me on Mastodon (and I accept your follow request), you will get access to my art earlier than when I post it on my blog.

Also, eq helped me get some directory listings set up here. If you go to, you may or may not find random junk I throw there; I usually just use cubeupload, so it probably won't be populated all that quickly. I've also got a /private folder for the Krita files of things I share on Mastodon but don't plan on posting to my blog. (Obviously, that directory is password-protected. If you want access, and I've accepted your follow request on Mastodon, I can probably add an entry for you in my htpasswd file. Or something. I don't 100% know how I'm going to use the folder yet!)