Browsing the Passed

You can beat a game. Then it's done, but later on, you can explore it again. And yet, you know, the game is done - chances are there may not even be a future continuation of it (like a sequel, or a companion game). The series might've long been finished, or abandoned. So.. it sort of gives a weird feeling, to wander the game's world. Like, you're exploring all that it will ever be - an ended, completed world, no more to come. It's strange.

And that can be applied to.. people. Once someone's died, or taken a totally different, separate name online, they're gone. But what they've written, what they've made - that isn't. So you get the same feeling of exploring a finished, completed existence.

Another thing. As you explore the finished game, or the creations of a person passed online, you might find new things. Maybe it's a close detail, or an obscure project.. or even just a different way of looking at, of understanding the game or person. So, even though there's nothing that's actually being made new, the game or person sort of still lives on, and has more to say. I guess that's what's so interesting about it.

A game, a person passed - and yet there's still more to it. The completion of a game or the disappearance of a person; neither really means the end of the story.