Non-daily Update

I made myself a text file for storing a log of the things I do in a few days ago. It's kind of shocking how huge it is; I really feel more productive when I can write a paragraph or two about all the different things I do in a day. I might release the whole file somewhere, at some point; meanwhile here's a bunch of excerpts from my log so far (it's ~2000 words long in just four days, haha).

(This really is just an excerpt, though; I cut out a fair amount of videos or school that I didn't have much to comment on. Think of this page as a 100% quote of the interesting things in my log.)

(I added a bunch of links for context; all the content was written by me, generally not long after I did whatever I mentioned in each paragraph.)

May 28th

May 29th

May 30th

May 31st