Art dump Inktober #1!!!!!!!!!!

October! October is a sort-of special month for art: there's a "challenge" where you draw something once every day (or on some periodic basis), following a prompt (either the official one or made by someone in the community). This is called Inktober.

I'd never done Inktober in previous years; I think I'd only heard of it for the first time last year. I knew I hadn't been drawing art very frequently, so I figured trying to do Inktober as a way to develop and maintain an art-related habit could be helpful. So I did this - and I actually managed to do it daily all the way through! Well, not without staying up rather past midnight a couple times (read: every time), but hey, art. :)

Each day was assigned a prompt according to the official prompt list; most of the time, I followed them quite loosely, using the prompt more as an inspiration than a boundary. (Not to say there weren't any particularly challenging prompts, but still - I tried to be creative!)

Since there are 31 days in October, and thus 31 pictures I drew, I'm going to split them up across three posts, each published throughout November. (Sorry I don't have any exact days for when I'll share them! November's a little hectic in terms of real-life stuff, and I won't always be at my computer to write up a blog post. But you'll get to see them all, I promise!)

Alright, I'm done boring you with text - here's the first nine pieces. :)