Face doodles

A bunch of face doodles

Happy new year!

I got a tablet for Christmas; here's some doodling I did with it. (The image is really big and definitely looks better when you view it at full size; just click the image (or here) to see it in large.)

By the way, this was created with FREETM software. I've moved from MediBang to Krita! Wow! MediBang Paint Pro is still a nice painter for sure, but it's not free-as-in-freedom or supported on Linux. (Ohh, that also means I don't have to use the family MacBook (nonfree again, aha) for drawing; I can just use my own Debian desktop!)

I could give you the Krita file for this but there's no real reason to; it's just one layer of the fill-circle brush. (Still CC BY-SA 4.0, per usual, though!)