There goes using Disqus comments

I've removed Disqus comments.

The main initiative for this decision is that they're now going to be adding advertisements to some sites.

There are a few reasons why it's tempting to keep using Disqus, actually:

But I'm still getting rid of Disqus comments.

First off, the fact that they can and will change things like this is appalling. Disqus has always been that awesome, free, ad-less discussion tool anybody can use just by embedding it on their website, hardly any setup needed. They aren't going back on much of that per se, but.. it's just kind of like they're going from being that one not-for-profit tool to being for-profit, all of a sudden, you know?

This whole thing feels like if Twitter decided to embed ads inside your profile, assuming your Twitter account has over (for example) 75,000 followers, with an option that those people with 75K+ followers pay a subscription to get rid of them.

Or maybe it's more like if Streamable decided to stick advertisements on the sides of your videos once they get 10,000 views.

Because, you know, we trust them? We trust those sites not to mess with how we use them or how people see the things we make through them. But clearly that isn't actually reliable.. and that's kind of frustrating, and not something I want to get stuck in.

Honestly, this is all more worrying for bigger sites. There was only a couple of discussions done through Disqus on this blog; other sites have so many more. I don't know how they'll deal with it.. it looks like they'll either have to abandon and obliterate old comments, or be forced into either paying for Disqus or ending up have ads.

(Or some sort of compromise. Other options include backing up all Disqus threads, but I'm not sure that's possible without writing a Crazy Hack. Another option would be only displaying Disqus threads on old posts, but that's not really wonderful, either.)

How can we comment now??

So.. there's no incredible option yet. What are fine options for the time include:

All of those are imperfect for various reasons. And sorry for removing Disqus comments. I know it got rid of a good discussion on radios. (Just kidding, I saved that! No reason not to.) It'll probably make commenting less easy in the future, until I find some better solution than I listed above. (No, you don't get to pressure me to do that now, thank you!)

As a side effect of removing Disqus comments, this site is now 100% JavaScript-free. Bwahahahaha. Run this on all your stupid browsers! (Er, just don't look at the last post through curl or view source; I haven't figured out how to embed SVGs well yet!)