towerofnix's Blog Site

Welcome to the site! I use this place to ramble and share stuff I've drawn. Maybe some of it'll be interesting to someone.


I want to contact you or comment on one of your posts but have no idea how. Sending me a tweet @towerofnix, a post on mastodon, or an email is probably the best way right now.

towerofnix is really hard to pronounce and write and say. Any other names?? You might want to stick to towerofnix if you're specifically talking about, e.g., my blog, my YouTube channel, or whatever. That's the username I've taken for myself, and it's what people can search to find me. But if you're talking about me, as a person, please use Florrie. (If you're curious, there's a whole blog post on this topic here!)

What's this blog engine? It's a completely custom, hand-made one. Here's the source code if you want to use it or just play around with it.

What the eff is the standard text editor and why is it ed(1)? Apparently, ed is useful because you can use it on just about any Unix system. (I think that's why the call it "standard".) So if you know how to use it, you'll never be without the ability to harness its amazing splendid powers. A little wikipediabird is telling me that ed was developed in 1969, which should be enough reason for anybody to learn it, but I've never actually used it myself. Oops.

How frequently asked are these questions? Never. Ask me some questions, please? (Hint: see FAQ.)